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Commercial Sales and leasing

Market and investment analysis means different things to different clients. We can assist in analyzing the market value of a property for buyers and sellers alike. In addition, we assist clients through ongoing analysis of their portfolio to determine the best time to sell an asset and acquire new ones. In the case of purchases, we can assist in researching zoning laws, trends, demographics, and demand.

Landlord Representation. At AXL, our team does more than just advertise vacancies and qualify tenants. We focus on tenant mix, securing the right tenants, and developing a strategic plan to make sure that our clients' properties are positioned well for the future and to maximize return on their investment. Helping our landlords achieve their goals while minimizing risk is a top priority.

Property Marketing. Innovative. If there was one word to describe our approach to marketing properties, it would be Innovative. Every property is different, appeals to different potential buyers/tenants, and requires a different approach to marketing. Ignoring those fundamentals results in long market times, lower perceived value and, ultimately, failure to achieve your goals. We analyze each property, perform due diligence by contacting municipalities and zoning officers, and determine the most likely users. Through mail, digital, signage, plus other traditional and advanced methods, we make sure to reach the right buyers/tenants for your property.

Corporate Representation & Site Selection

Defining a business district’s trade area is an important first step in any market analysis. This step is crucial because it defines the boundaries that will serve as the basis for further study. It also helps individual businesses identify opportunities to expand their own trade area. The simple 1 mile, 3 mile, and 5 mile demographic and population ring around a location is not enough and hardly relevant anymore. Determining the trade area which a business district pulls customers is critical. In addition, simply knowing the household income isn't sufficient. Psychographics are here and we use this tool to determine, not only who is the customer base, but what is their purchasing behavior. What do they like? Where do they like to spend their money? What makes them tick? We help our clients find where their future clients are today.


Liquor License Brokerage

If you are in the market for a Pennsylvania liquor license we have a rotating inventory of licenses available. Give us a call to find out what we have available. If we don't have one for your area of choice, we will work to find one for you. For those, looking to sell, we have relationships with various companies who are in the market and ready to buy in many municipalities. AXL will assist you throughout the transfer process as well.

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