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Buying a home with AXL

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Finding a home has become much easier thanks to online property portals such as Zillow and Realtor.com.  While that part has become easier, the rest of the home purchase process is riddled with uncertainty, obstacles, contingencies, timelines and anxiety.  While it's impossible to eliminate all of that, AXL associates pride themselves in their ability to prepare, educate, and guide clients to a successful closing.  Our knowledgeable team is proactive in identifying potential roadblocks and informing buyers about the process.  Your AXL associate will handle all negotiations and is a valuable resource for connecting you with professional vendors for any needed due diligence or other services. You may only do this a few times in your lifetime, but our team does this EVERY DAY for our loyal base of clients.

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Selling a home with AXL

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Are you aware of all the risks involved with selling your home? Most people are not. It may seem like a simple and straightforward process on the surface but there is a lot that happens during the transaction that most sellers find uncomfortable or are not equipped to handle properly. Everything you say to a potential buyer can be interpreted in ways you didn't imagine.  While properties are technically sold "AS IS", that does not protect you from litigation and failure to disclose deficiencies can be interpreted as fraud. On the other side of the home sale equation, are you able to qualify the buyer?  Are you comfortable letting a stranger in your home with you and, perhaps, your family? Do you have the resources to find qualified vendors to perform any needed repairs or prepare & review purchase documents?  AXL associates are worth their weight in gold when it comes to preparing your home for market, qualifying buyers, preparing necessary documents, assembling vendors, and guiding the sale to the finish line.



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